Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Terrible Blogger

Boy, a year's gone by with no time to write! Since my last post, I've been creating new headers for Holland Cox and an updated look for The Firm DC's production of The Vagina Monologues. And of course worked my day job, which involves trying to get to Arlington without flex time, trying not to eat other peoples' yogurts or Lean Cuisines, and repeatedly explaining the difference between JPGs and EPSs. However, I occasionally throw some design out there, including NACAC's media kit.

I had some down time after all that, so instead of enjoying doing nothing, I immediately agreed to do an art show with my friend (and coworker) Lolita for the Century 21 realty offices in Courthouse (Arlington, VA). Instead of writing more (and risking increasing use of parenthesis), I'm going to post some of my work in the next few weeks.

Lolita and I both hope you'll come out for our free show on June 24! More info here. If you'd like to order anything, email me at infrared.creations{at}gmail.com

accidental genius
behind the
$39 or $79three
8.5x11" paper collage, frames included

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