Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Arbitrary Countdown Begins!

Nine days! Nine days until the big art show… I really need to put my thoughts in order. Have you ever been excited about something to the point that you are distracted from actually working on it? I hope you thought, "Yes," even thought you mouthed, "that sounds irresponsible." I promise to have good food, drinks and other killer elements ambiance to round out your enjoyment of the show. And even if you can't come, order a piece and add a little ambiance to your house.

Did I mention that I'm not the only artist at this show? Lolita Martucci, a brilliant oil painter, will be showing off her land- and city-scapes, and a few abstract things as well. Keep checking our FB event page for more sneak peeks of her stuff.

One of my favorites, the large piece above, is "The Leaving Song." Acrylic on canvas, 24x36" $99

If you're a little less traditional, check out "Obsidian" and "Pyrite." 12x12" $$49e or $57pair

Or "Gum" 14x11" $49

Check back tomorrow for more!

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