Thursday, June 16, 2011

Outfitt This

I was reading a friend's blog today. She smartly observed that Urban Outfitters, and 'fauxtiques' like it, tout being indie retailers when they are in fact selling mass-produced, foreign-made items. While I have some smarmy things to say about hipsters and stores who market to them, I'll skip to the major point:

If you're going for individual style, why buy something that's mass-produced? This goes for all art that surrounds your life––clothes, accessories, jewelry… ARTWORK.

Hipster reasoning would drive you to buy art so you could tell people you bought art (deck!). And, of course, supporting local art makes you a better person. Or you could buy art just because you like it (and you're tired of the same old IKEA prints).

These are fun––Acrylic on canvas, 16x24" (top) Blue Me Over & Red My Rights $59e or $79pair (bottom) Arbutus & Tussuck $59e or $79pair:

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  1. Yes, I love how they pretend to be so unique and special, selling dresses (and art prints!) made in batches of 10,000!

    As an need to start designing fabric for me, I would totally buy yards & yards of fabric with any of these prints on them!