Monday, January 25, 2010

The Movies

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I watched The Hangover for the first time about a week ago. Near the end (spoiler alert!), after they find a tiger and a baby a baby, steal a police car, count cards, make a hostage exchange, etc., I was disappointed in myself for not figuring out that the groom-to-be was on the hotel roof until Ed Helms said that hotel windows don't open in Vegas. I knew the answer, but the story was so complex, I got distracted.

I'd like to take this opportunity to call Flash "My The Hangover of software." Flash gives me the set-up, but, as it reveals its capabilities as I design, working through the intricacies, I see more and more tools, but lack the clues to get to the end… in a haze of getURLs, buttons, clips, timelines, and repetition. I can't quite remember what I learned last time. My education was in multimedia design, but as I've moved along it's been harder and harder to grasp the programming. Clearly, it's me struggling to use both halves of my brain––Flash is an admittedly great tool, that I have to (suck it up!) relearn every couple of months instead of curling up with some popcorn. Check out this header:

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